Rock Wall and Slide

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Designed to be used with any of our Pikler climbing frames, the Rock Wall can offer your child the choice of rock climbing or sliding, depending on their age, ability and courage.

One side of this ramp is a slide with a smooth varnished Finish so you can be sure of a silky clean finish. The reverse side has a rock climbing wall. 

The rock holds are smooth enough to ensure they won’t scrape your little one’s fingers, but not at all slippery. Over and above hours of playtime fun, your children will get the opportunity to improve their coordination and gross motor skills.

Their little muscles will get a good workout, while also improving their balance and agility.

Use this ramp to climb up and down from different heights or lay it flat between two items and use it as a balance beam. Your little ones will get so much pleasure from playing on their ramp that they will stay active and indulge in an activity that promotes a healthier lifestyle.

Although suitable for children as young as 10 months, mum and dad must keep a close eye on their little adventurers – it is the perfect time to encourage your little ones as they climb up and down their little ramps and will surely help to build their confidence too! 


Please note : The Scramble Net does NOT fit the Bambino Pikler. 


Premium Birch PlyWood.

Hand Carved and Hand Sanded solid wooden rock holds.

Available in a varnished finish to ensure longevity and stain protection.

Compatible with all brands of Pikler Climbing Frames and Cubes.

Specifications Size: 36cm x 121cm x 5.5cm

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Sturdy snd versatile